Helpful products for your computer workstation


These days there are several different products that are available for making your computer desk more ergonomically friendly. Have you ever found yourself looking through these products in the store and wondering which ones to buy? After completing many ergonomic assessments over many years, I have compiled a list of five products that can assist in promoting a neutral joint alignment, provided that they are set-up to fit the computer user. These include the following:

Monitor riser

Monitor risers work extremely well in promoting a neutral neck alignment, which thereby will reduce the strain you feel in your shoulders. For optimal positioning, please ensure that the top line of the text on the computer screen is at your eye level or slightly below your eye level.


While sitting at your computer workstation, if your thighs are not horizontal to the floor or if you feel that your thighs are not resting on the seat pan, I would recommend a footrest. Please make sure that the footrest has a non-slip surface and that it is large enough to support both your feet. Optimally, it should also have an adjustable slope to ensure comfort and proper joint alignment for your ankles.

Ergonomic keyboard

There are many different styles of keyboards available these days. Therefore, choosing a keyboard can be a very difficult task. It is highly recommended that you trial different types of keyboards at your local computer equipment store to determine the best fit for your needs. Some of the computer stores have adjustable computer desks where you can mimic your office computer set-up and trial various products such as a keyboard, a chair, an ergonomic mouse, etc. While using a keyboard, ensure that your wrists are in neutral position; keep the small legs, found under the keyboard, folded to prevent slight bending of your wrists.

Keyboard tray

A drop down keyboard tray allows for a neutral posture for your shoulders and wrists. Keep your mouse at the same height as your keyboard and place the keyboard and the mouse as close together as possible, to avoid unnecessary reaching; keep your wrists straight while using the mouse with the help of a mouse pad with a built-in wrist support.

Cordless contoured mouse

A mouse cord restricts its movement thereby limiting the user’s joint movements especially for the wrist and the forearm joints. A simple solution to this set-up to prevent future injuries is using a cordless mouse. A contoured mouse is preferred by many people as it is more comfortable and it supports the natural arc of the hand, thereby reducing the muscle strain on the hand and forearm muscles.

Within Vancouver, each workplace requires different practices to ensure your safety. Please contact the trained Occupational Therapists at Complete Rehab Solutions to see if an ergonomic assessment is suitable for you. We can provide recommendations for safe working practices to ensure that you work healthier for much longer.

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