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When an employee spends more than six months on disability, their return to the workplace is often bumpy. Our return to work services smooth that transition, helping employees return to work in a safe and timely manner. The key is balance. When employees have help in determining which tasks are most appropriate for their current level of health, productivity increases, progress continues, and additional claims are reduced.

What Are Return to Work Services?

Our return to work services focus on finding the most effective way to increase working hours over a period of time. This can involve evaluating the tasks an employee is expected to complete, determining stressors that might impact their performance or recovery, identifying re-training programs that might help the employee find success, and communicating between medical professionals, insurance providers, employers, and employees.

What is our Process?

When we work with an individual considering a return to the workplace, we start by considering recommendations from treating professionals. The goal is to start small – determining which tasks are easiest for an employee to accomplish, then gradually expanding their tasks and time spent at work.

By assessing an employee’s energy levels and abilities at different times of day and allowing for medical appointments, we work with employers to create a flexible schedule that meets the employee’s needs while still supporting productivity. If applicable, we recommend re-orientation or re-training programs that may help smooth the employee’s transition back into work.

We’re Part of the Team

Our experience in the medical field allows us to communicate seamlessly with all stakeholders, including medical professionals, insurance providers, employers, and employees. We combine these skills with evidence-based practices to ensure employees re-enter the workplace in a timely, productive, and, most importantly, safe manner