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Recovering from a catastrophic injury or accident requires a team of health care professionals and a variety of rehabilitative strategies. Coordinating these varying factors is stressful, and if done incorrectly can lead to disappointing (and expensive) outcomes. In our role as Rehab Case Management providers, we act as compassionate mediators between clients, providers, and insurers. The result? Better care.

What is Rehabilitation Case Management?

The number one goal of rehabilitation case management is to remove obstacles between clients and their goals. Our experience in the field of healthcare allows us to coordinate with providers and insurers seamlessly. We leave no stone un-turned when it comes to finding the right solutions, services, and funding to help clients receive great results.

When a rehab case manager is present, clients have someone who will tirelessly advocate for their needs. With someone by their side making sure their requirements are met adequately and quickly, clients can focus on recovery, speeding healing and reducing the need for additional claims

What is our Process?

We provide a variety of case management services, including:

  • Hospital discharge planning
  • Coordination of all case activities
  • Case budgeting and expense tracking
  • Comprehensive documentation and reporting
  • Community program access facilitation
  • Coordination of return to work plans

When clients meet with us, we gather their health history and gain a better understanding of their current needs. We determine the rehabilitation services best suited for their goals, and arrange access to these services. As needs change based on progress or a changing prognosis, we reevaluate which services are the best fit to reduce the risk of wasting time and money on ineffective solutions.

Complete Rehab Solutions Goes Further

For many patients, understanding and navigating their health care needs can be overwhelming. At Complete Rehab Solutions, we are dedicated to removing that unnecessary burden, leading to a smoother recovery.

Our years of experience give us a nuanced understanding of the solutions patients have available. We believe the best solutions come from collaboration, and we strive to ease communication between patients, providers, and insurers.When we work together, everyone benefits.